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    This might be old news to some, but it was a new one on me.

    I have a few opt-in email lists for various purposes and yeterday after I'd sent an email out to one of the lists, I received a warning from my host about sending spam and how my account might be terminated.

    It turns out that AOL users have some way of easily reporting spam which then gets passed onto the hosting company where the "spam" came from. The problem is though that they seem to be able to do this far too easily and to any email without requiring engagement of both brain cells.

    So the fact that my lists are opt-in and every email that goes out carries an prominent unsubscribe option, passed some idiot by and I got a spam warning.

    My host seemed pretty tired with this as they get far too many reports from AOL and recommend that I don't accept AOL sign-ups, but on the sign-up form state this and suggest that people use some other email address, which I'll be doing from now on.

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    AOL has a pretty strict email policy. I have a relative that has an aol account and because they mistakenly set their account to the "ultra privacy" setting, I received a bounce from AOL that my email was being considered spam and would not be delivered.

    It is a good intention of AOL to try to eliminate as much garbage as they can, but in the end, legitimate stuff gets bagged and let's face it, the spammers probably know how to get past this anyway.

    My suggestion is don't send to any aol addresses at all, let people know that you won't send to aol and tell them to get a real ISP.

    I will now step down off of my "I hate AOL" soap box.
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    Make sure to recommend another ISP (through an affiliate link) while you're at it.

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