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    Hello. Could someone let me know exactly where the datafiles on can be downloaded ffrom? Thanks! (also , a link to a website built from datafeeds or files would be nice, maybe stick )

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    You'll have to email let them know what you want plus email them your account number info.

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    Actually, you need to use the "ask a question" feature to request product data feeds.

    Todd Crawford
    Commission Junction

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    Take off eh?
    I'd wait a while though.
    Right now you face merchants with feeds bloated with expired/dead links.
    Merchants with feeds that have no discernable category structure.
    No way to access the feeds at least as far as I can tell.
    On day one I asked for access to the CJ feed via there FTP and to receive it in Pipe delimited format, daily. I had no reply for over a week.
    Since this whole change over I have received a total of 5 feeds.
    Of them 2 worked, albeit with literaly thousands of errors ( merchants who sometimes use text qualifiers and sometimes dont).
    The first 2 feeds were weekly, CSV formatted feeds that I had to get through their Http link.
    After contacting CJ support I was then to get it weekly(Not daily), pipe delimited and via FTP.

    I almost forgot that CJ then sent me an email saying my feeds were too big and I was asked to limit my feeds to 5.

    I was then sent an email confirming it would be set up daily, via ftp and pipe delimited. I could live with that as it's what I wanted.
    Unfortuneately that didn't happen.

    After 5 days of no feed I sent an email about this and was told, oops our bad, will set you up weekly. I then received a feed, which could not be opened. I had to download the next one before I could get it open.

    I attempted to open the feed to find that it wasn't pipe, and was in fact CSV. A major problem as a couple of the merchants I use are not capable of consistently using a comma in their feed or placing quotations or somesuch around 2 fields.

    I sent a message (VIA ask a question as usual) and explained the whole scenario in great detail.
    The reply was:
    We apologize for the previous inconveniences. We have changed your feeds to daily PIPE delimited through CJ FTP.

    This email is notification that your Data Transfer Subscription is now Active. At this time you are now enabled to receive data securely from our system. At the time your subscription was created you should have recieved an automated email notice from our system that contains all needed technical documentation. The document can also be downloaded below:

    That was Dec 30th.
    Since then I hae received 2 feeds. 1 on the 6th of this month and the other on the 10th.
    The 6th feed could not even be opend.
    The 10 had so many errors in it that SQL Server quite literally said if I tried to keep uploading this mess it was gonna knock my ears off.
    It is now the 16th going on 17th and I have not received a working feed for what amounts to the whole month.
    And this I am going to be charged for?

    Again my reccomendation ... wait until they realize that we are not idiots and we require some responsibility on their parts. Both the merchants and CJ itself.

    My last message (dec 29th) to them which resulted in the above reply:
    Hi Folks,
    I am getting a little frustrated here.
    Initially when I asked for this to be set up, I requested that it be a daily, pipe delimited feed that I would get by accessing your ftp.
    So far after several challenges, I am getting a weekly feed that is comma delimited which I download via an html link you provide me periodically.
    The reason I asked for pipe delimited is that I know many merchants are unable to comprehend that placing commas in description fields or other fields without the use of a text qualifier will muck up the feeds.
    I am ok with you deciding that I will get the feed weekly even though I asked for daily.
    I am ok with having to use an html link even though I asked for ftp access.
    I am NOT ok with the format being CSV when I asked for pipe delimited.

    Please provide me with a Pipe delimited feed that I can use.
    I am not wasting any more time on this until that is done.

    Your new system has removed a uniform category structure obviously to make it easier for merchants, at the expense of affiliates.
    Your system has not once been able to send scheduled feeds to me for more than two days without something going wrong.
    Your system will be charging for the feeds that you provide, yet they are still incomplete and error riddled. It would seem that the affiliates are expected to make major changes to acomodate Commission Junction and the merchants while the merchants can dump a trash feed on affiliates and it will be ok.
    In addition all these changes are made during the Christmas holidays, a time which is among the busiest for affiliates, merchants and I would think your own company.

    Paragraph detailing plans for the feed deleted due to my not wanting to show the world.

    Todd, You have very friendly people at your support desk. I have not had a problem with contacting them either. We have, I think, been on very good terms.

    But this sucks.

    2 Suggestions:
    1) Let publishers get the feed. Daily, weekly, I don't care, just make it so we can get it regularly. I know from speaking to them that other publishers are having the same problems.
    2) Make the merchants take some responsiblity for their end...the content of their individual feeds.
    ie. Valid links, valid categories, regular maintenance, etc

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks for listening if you got this far.

    [edited to include date]

    Game on!!!!

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    Hi and Welcome to ABW!

    Make sure to check out also!

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