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HansenWholesale.com has just introduced the 2011 DC Stealth from Casablanca Fan Company! The DC Stealth is a technological upgrade to the Casablanca Stealth, which is one of the world’s first contemporary styled ceiling fans. The Stealth is timeless and sleek in design and shows the true elegance of a high quality Casablanca fan.

The DC Stealth features a new DC motor, which uses less than 1/3 the electricity of the standard Stealth ceiling fans while delivering even more airflow. Casablanca will eventually replace the other Stealth models with this motor when the technology becomes less expensive, but for now...the less efficient motor is still available in order to keep the standard Stealth fans in a reasonable price range. So although the DC Stealth is more expensive than its counterpart, it is the fan of choice for those who are looking for the most energy efficient high quality ceiling fan money can buy.

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