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    what's a good alarm clock for XP?

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    Windows XP comes with a free one installed on your computer. It's called "task schedular". Here is a link that shows how to use it.

    You can use a music file on your computer, or even a URL to an online music station. Whatever you want.

    1) Open Control Panel and double-click on Scheduled Tasks

    2) Right-Click anywhere and select New -> Scheduled Task

    3) Rename the new task to Alarm Clock (or whatever you want)

    4) Now double-click on it to get to the properties page

    5) In the RUN dialog, click browse and browse to your media file or .lnk file.

    6) Once done, make sure "Enabled" is checkmarked and click Apply, type in your password for Windows when prompted (if you have one)

    7) Click on the Schedule tab and set the times/dates you want it to run. I also go into the Advanced setting and have it go off every 10 minutes after that time until either a specified time or for so long then stop.

    8) I usually head to the Settings tab at this point and under Power Management I check/uncheck the following settings:

    |_| Don't start the task if the computer is running on batteries

    |_| Stop the task if battery mode begins

    |x| Wake the computer to run this task

    There you go. A fully functional alarm clock using Task Scheduler.

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    I use Chameleon Clock - it has a load of features, works well and doesn't make any trouble. You can read about it and download it from here (

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    I just try not to fall asleep at the computer.

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