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    Need hiring advice: Need someone to monetize 1 million pageviews?
    Hi guys,

    I work for a webzine in the personal finance/family/consumer sector that generate over a million pageviews a month. We rank fairly well for various financial search terms. We have great authoritative links coming in from mainstream media on an almost weekly basis.

    We don't sell any affiliate products right now (except a few amazon aff links), and would like to start. A few affiliate marketing friends have told our company that we can probably generate $10,000-$30,000 a month if we tried.

    I'd like to hire someone who can:

    • Identify the right affiliate programs for our website and sign up for them.
    • Manage our relationship with these affiliate programs and negotiate for the best rates.
    • Develop landing pages for the affiliate products we sell.
    • Use white hat seo techniques to generate additional traffic to these landing pages.
    • Track our revenue and do AB testing. Hit revenue targets of at least $10,000 a month within a year.

    I have a few questions:

    • What is the proper job title for this person? Is it "affiliate manager"? But that title sounds like this person is managing affiliates for an affiliate program, not for the content producer (which is what we are).
    • What are some of the best places to recruit? (Other than Abestweb. Of course I'll be posting a job posting here for starters).
    • What is the right compensation for a person like this? This person can be ft or pt, as long as he gets the job done. Telecommute preferred. Would people work on this based on a rev share or bonus system?
    • I'd imaging it is hard to find this person. I mean, if you can make money generating money from affiliate links, wouldn't you just build your own website?
    • What should I put in the job posting to make it attractive and informative?

    I apologize for not providing more details about my company. But I would prefer to provide those details in our upcoming Abestweb job posting. Abestweb makes money from those job postings, and I want to support Abestweb by following its rules.

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    Have you considered trying to experiment and try this yourself first? I question whether putting somebody "on the payroll" for this would be a wise idea. The $10k to $30k figure being bandied about may or may not be possible, depending on the type of traffic you get, and the type of ads or products that may be a fit for your site. Also, though "a million pageviews" per month *sounds* like huge traffic, if you break it down, it really isnt that much; about 35,000 pageviews per day translates to only a fraction of that number in actual visitors.... unless if they are landing on a particular page that has the information they were looking for without having to dig deeper into your site. And I'd echo your suspicion that for the most part somebody who really knows what they are doing will do it for themselves rather than for you or anybody else - why share, ya know?

    I honestly believe it would be a good idea to give it a go yourself and at least learn some of the ropes on your own first even if you do eventually go forward with a plan to hire an actual employee to handle it.
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    Hi David,

    You make a valid point about trying it on our own first. Our site currently has multiple streams of income, ranging from display advertising to consulting. So none of our existing employees have a lot of free time to experiment with affiliate marketing at the moment.

    Even if we do it ourselves, I would still like to hire a consultant to look over our site first, to perhaps give us an honest evaluation of our earning potential. And if he thinks we can make good money from our site, perhaps this consultant can provide us with a game plan which can then be executed by our staff.

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    I have a couple sites in the financial sector. Display advertising is probably your best bet. Try to find a company willing to pay lots of money to get their brand out while not paying too much attention to conversions. Very few people on financial sites are looking to make a purchase. This means that your conversion rate will be very low if you try to promote affiliate offers.

    Another option is newsletter subscriptions. Most of the large financial/investment sites have ditched their general advertising strategies in favor of selling newsletter subscriptons. Since most people are on financial sites to seek out information, selling premium information seems to work. Still low conversion rates though.

    There are a few affiliate programs for investment newsletters you can test before creating your own newsletter.
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    • "Affiliate manager" is definitely not the right term. It's really an "advertising sales manager" you're seeking (affiliate programs are just "performance-based advertising," and definitely should represent just one of several types of advertising that you'll include on your site).
    • I think it's important to maintain a clear understanding of your role as a "publisher," which means that you're NOT selling other people's products but instead providing editorial content plus clearly-marked advertising.
    • While it's possible that the same person will do your "white hat SEO" work as well as advertising sales, you should understand that these are different skills, and your needs might be better met by "hiring" different people for these tasks. (I put "hiring" in quotes because you'd probably be best served by part-time independent contractors for this work).
    • I don't understand why you'd be creating "landing pages" for products; a better term for specialized landing pages at your site would be "bridge pages," since they'd be a stepping-stone from your content to the advertiser's site.
    • Do the math: if you earned $10,000 per month from 1 million pageviews per month, that would be an "effective cost-per-thousand" (eCPM) of $10, which is extremely high for a general-interest web site. (Don't confuse "eCPM" with "EPC," as these measure different things in quite different ways.)
    • Whether it's even remotely possible for you to achieve that result depends on many different factors, including: How many pageviews per visitor? Are visitors engaged in a sequential "process" which they're unlikely to disrupt by clicking away on an ad? Does your content consist of original articles, licensed content, or forums? What results are you generating from your current Google AdSense ads?
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