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    April 5th, 2011
    back links gone?
    I have just discovered there is no information available on my backlinks in google webmaster, the last time I checked there were around 250.
    Should i be worried or is this just a re-count?

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    I removed about 10,000 backlinks to one of my sites last week to stop being pandalized. It worked but the "links to your site" are still in webmaster tools and this site is checked everyday by Google.
    I'm pretty sure Google is using something else than "Webmaster Tools" to rank our sites, so, don't worry too much. They will show up again if you still have backlinks. Webmaster Tool is far from perfect.

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    Google admitted to having data issues with this over the last week. They say it's fixed now, but it isn't
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    One of of our sites is showing 696,047 backlinks from ONE site. No actual links to us on that site.

    Been like that for ever...
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    backlinks showing again in google webmaster tools (287), used a backlink checker and there were results from yahoo etc. but 0 from google, but stated that i was`nt banned.

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