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    Alot of us here have pet's and I was thinking how about a forum for pet story?

    I'll start

    My Cassie is so smart that she learn how to shake left and right paw in couple of hours.

    She loves her cookies (MilkBone only no generic she don't like it.) so much that she learn how to shake and beg so quick! After 11yrs she still do the same ole thing and she will not leave you alone until she gets it!

    Now your turn!

    What COC stand for? Crooks Overwriting Commission
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    You know that game you play with kids, where you hold out two fists, one with candy and one without? The kid chooses one fist, and if it's empty he/she chooses the next to get the candy?

    My cat, Vestka, does that! Soooo cute.

    * *

    , Carolyn

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