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    Magento and Affiliate Programs
    I'm getting back in the affiliate marketing game after being absent for two years and my is there a lot to get caught up on

    At my current company, we're slowly expanding our e-commerce division and have launched 3 new websites in the past few months. We've always had plans for an affiliate program but we want to wait a bit more for the sites to ramp up (better traffic, conversion rates, etc.). I would love to get started with SAS but the company wants to go the software route.

    We are on the Magento platform and I have heard a lot about Post Affiliate Pro. Would love to hear from anyone with experience with it, pros and cons, etc. Also, anyone with experience with the Magento module/plug in for it would be great too! Trying to gauge ROI with software vs. a network program.

    Thanks and it's great to be back on ABW!


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    I'll admit my great bias upfront; I love Post Affiliate Pro and have used it on over a dozen different launches for the past 3 years.

    And although I consider myself an expert using it, it seems like I find new, creative applications in it's use everyday. All top-notch affiliates love using it because it's great at tracking clicks & sales with overlapping methods; and the features it offers your top affiliates are superb (eg. campaigns, conversions, direct linking, Facebook Connect, and other features).

    One big major pro that PAP is going to offer your business - running 3 different websites on different domains, with multiple products, sales funnels, commissions, etc - is that it's flexible & robust enough to handle them on with 1 installation. No other affiliate marketing software in the market is going to allow you the freedom to do that.

    And it will work with unlimited IPNs & API's you have running through your different payment processors.

    Other pros to using it - that aren't available with other brands - are the commission groups you can configure (top level affiliate, fixed commissions, split commissions, coupon offers, multi-tiered commissions, etc).

    It's just a real bad ass software that I've never found limitations to using...and because the code is open source, there is always some creative geek building new stuff for it all the time.

    It's also very easy to integrate with Magento, with many plugins already available (if you need them).

    The cons: Most people say that it's more pricy over the competition. This is relative, in my opinion.

    However, be aware that you can get a full featured hosted version of the software for only $19/month.
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    I concur with obejason with PAP version 4.0. On the previous version the database was the bootstrap but that has been redesigned. Up until October I ran twelve domains and about $12M a year in sales (90% on one domain). I have been impressed with the redundant tracking that I have not found on network solutions. If you are balking at price then go waste several years with a cheaper solution and you will pay for it in the end.

    As for Magento plugins my experience was a year ago when we moved Xcart shopping carts to Magento. At that time the techs were full of it in that the pixel on PAP would rollover as they didn't test it. Took them a week to get tracking restored so test before you pull the trigger.

    The real question to me is PAP versus SAS and that's black and white. Unless you have a list of several thousand affiliates to solicit or are moving a program over you better spend your time figuring out how you are going to find affiliates. It is 10x more difficult to get an affiliate to join an in-house program than an established network. I can list the reasons why but that is a whole conversation unto itself. So you better gauge your managements expectations and unless you have a list of affiliates waiting for you to launch plan on several years to get your program going.

    Price of SAS is less that a grand and PAP is a grand (one time), better add hosting and tech time to your budget.

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