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    Newsletter: Q4 is Coming Soon! Are You Preparing?
    Hello Fellow ABestWeb Members!
    Q4 is Coming Soon! What are you doing to prepare?

    It’s not quite summer yet, but Q4 is closer than it would seem. In a little over four months, Q4 will be upon us. Now is the time to prepare. Are you building out new sites? Adding pages? Adding features? Building new relationships? Working on SEO? Negotiating special deals? Building traffic? Come share your ideas and challenges with your peers!

    A lot has happened at ABestWeb and in the affiliate community over the past month. Read on for highlights!

    Michael Coley
    ABestWeb Administrator

    Industry News & Upcoming Events

    Following are some of the most noteworthy industry news items and upcoming events:

    News: FTC going after "Acai Berry Diet Exposed: Miracle Diet or Scam?"

    News: Dept. of Justice on Google's Case for Deceptive Ads

    CORRECTED! 5/25/11 - 5/27/11: ShareASale ThinkTank, Chicago, IL

    6/28/11: LinkShare Symposium East, New York, NY

    Featured Discussions

    Here is a sampling of some of the new featured threads from this month:

    The lost art of the Press Release - Although the art has changed considerably over the years, press releases can still be an effective traffic generation method.

    15 Years of Fighting the Fight - Nothing Changes - Even the top affiliates still get rejected. What would you do?

    My 1 Month as a Super Affiliate - I hate you Google - Google giveth and Google taketh away. What can we learn?

    What was your first year like? - What can a newbie really expect? Sitting on the beach, watching the bank balances grow, or a putting in lot of hard work?

    Affiliate Manager's Corner

    There is a wealth of information on ABestWeb for affiliate managers. Here are some of the newest topics:

    15 Years of Fighting the Fight - Nothing Changes - Be careful what affiliates you reject. This long-time super-affiliate had a business plan to get 700 musicians promote a music store, but the merchant rejected his application.

    Consolidating Networks ... need advice - A merchant looks for advice about downsizing from multiple networks to a single network.

    How to attract serious affiliates? - What promotions will attract the best affiliates and get them active?

    One Merchant on Three networks? - A look at the pros and cons of working with multiple networks.

    Auto-Approve vs. Manual - Is it best to auto-approve affiliates, or to manually review applications? The answer may surprise you.

    Affiliate Nexus/Tax Legislative Updates

    As the battles continue over Affiliate Tax Laws, there’s a lot new to report this month. If you're not a member of the Private Affiliate Tax Forum, please request access ASAP.

    Here is a roundup of the latest news:

    Connecticut Passes Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws

    Vermont Pass Affiliate Nexus Tax law – won’t go into effect for years

    Colorado House advances repeal of online sales tax (but the repeal fails)

    Discuss this newsletter below!
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    This went out today, so everyone who is subscribed should have a copy in their inbox now. If you didn't get it, these are the instructions for managing your ABW subscriptions:

    1. Go to Usercp
    2. Left sidebar, under "Settings & Options" click "Email Subscriptions"

    That will take you to a page that looks like this where you can signup for the ABW Community Newsletter:

    The community newsletter runs monthly, and always covers hand-picked items of interest. Signup to be sure you haven't missed anything!
    Matt Bidinger
    Online Community Engagement

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey View Post
    5/27/11 - 5/28/11: ShareASale ThinkTank, Chicago, IL
    Doh! I just realized that the wrong dates were posted for this, and I propogated them into the newsletter. The ShareASale ThinkTank is actually 5/25 - 5/27. I've updated it above and in the linked thread.

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