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    my site has dissapeared?
    my site has been dancing from no1 to no20 for 2-3 months, and 2 weeks ago it just dissapeared so i can't find it anywhere now. i know the most common reasons of being banned, but as far as i know i didn't do anything forbidden. no blackhat or duplicate content has been made on it... isn't it odd to drop by few hundered places overnight?

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    Your site drastically dropping in rank doesn't mean it's been banned & no, it isn't unusual for this to happen overnight. There are many factors that go into this. Here are some helpful threads:

    Suggestions if you've been hit by Google's latest update
    Something Odd Happening Today
    New Google Dance: Farmer Update

    Remember that you have thousands...millions of competitors: many of these webmasters are working hard to outrank your site. See which sites are on the top 20 now and analyze them. Use the tips from the above threads and improve the value of your site.
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    Did you do a search for you domain name?? If your site shows up in the results your not banned.
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    Search engines have hundreds of databases located all across USA. Now if Googl e goes back to database number 145 which is 3 months old, then you wont find your website anywhere.

    It doesnt mean your website is banned

    All new websites observe this trend.

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