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    Few questions from a business manager
    I've always done inside leads in the past and had very good success however I'm looking to back out in to the world of affiliates and had a few questions.

    Alttle summary about my business [my purpose is not to promote but to give you a little insight on how I run so I can get the most educated responses]: I manage an established web-host which has sold typical shared hosting. We are going to be moving towards a spin-off that is Cloud Business Hosting. We will be fully managing the websites (including maintenance/ branding/design). I'm thinking because of the higher premium price tag we consequently have higher margins and I think it would be in our best interest to have affiliates and others promote us. To help achieve success with this I understand I should hire an affiliate manager.

    What should I look for in an affiliate manager?

    Should I make the person salary or commission?
    - I can afford a decent hourly wage however I'm concerned I wont see the results I would if they were commission only.

    What do you prefer a big upfront payment or recurring commission? (say $50 a sale vs $80 over a year)

    What do you look for in choosing a company to promote?

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    Very few AMs/OPMs will work on a commission-only basis. A lot of the work is up front before results are seen, and the (well founded) concern is that they'll put all the work in and then get cut off before the results begin to appear. You can find several threads in the Affiliate Manager forums discussing finding AMs/OPMs, compensation, etc.

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    Hosting is highly competitive and an unknown is going to have trouble getting traction. Cloud hosting is latest trend and Amazon the 900# gorilla in the space. How do you propose to compete against them?

    Have you taken the time to join Commission Junction as an affiliate and evaluated the offerings there?

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