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    If I place a genetal link to a merchant's website, I will get a commission for everything they buy there as long as the cookie is active, whereas if they click on a product link I get the commission for that product only, even if they purchase more stuff?

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    I don't know if "genetal" links are allowed unless you're linking to a pr0n site....

    But seriously...

    For every program I've seen (including ours), affiliates are credited for all items in the purchase, regardless of the link type used (banner/product/text/smart) to navigate to the merchant's website.

    If the merchant supports cookie keep past the first sale, you will receive credit for all sales within the length of that cookie, even if the customer returns directly to the merchant site from a bookmark.

    Product links tend to be clicked by those interested in that particular product, so "in theory" you should achieve higher conversion rates by using product-specific links.

    Good luck.


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    Take off eh?
    Commission will be identical if they click the product link and buy more items, or a general link and buy multiple items.

    Btw... prize for best misspelling -
    genetal link.... rofl I have to use that

    Game on!!!!

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    OMG, what a typo!!!

    I'm so embarrassed...

    Thank you for answering my question....


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