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    How to link to a specific page
    One of the LS merchants I am using provides banners and text links, but they all go to the merchant's home page only.

    I would like to go to specific product pages. How can I do this?

    I have tried to use a text link and replace the words with a "copy image location" link, but it doesn't work. The image of the specific product shows up on my page, but clicking on the image goes to the merchant's home page, not the product page.

    I'd really like to be able to show specific products so that customers can go right to the order page for it. Sending them to the home page only really reduces the change of a sale.

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    You have a feature called "Deep Linking" at LS
    Go "Links", then "Deep Linking", then select Advertiser and enter your specific product page URL.

    Be informed, not all merchants accept deep linking.

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    Thank you! That was very helpful!

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    you could also contact the Merchant AM directly, and They would generate a link for you! Thats what i used to do to my affiliates when i was working with Mondera.
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    Most all Am's would be glad to assist u linking to any page on their site, Drop them a line?
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