Haiko, hope you don't mind a post like this.

As a lot, affiliates are a pretty lucky bunch of people. In general, we earn more, have more education and are happier than our offline counterparts. The holidays are a great time to be thankful for what we have, and to help those not quite so fortunate.

This year we've again decided to support the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard and hope our faithful MaxBounty affiliates will help. The GEFC helps single parents, seniors on fixed incomes, and many others who can't quite make ends meet. Sadly the cupboard is busier now than ever.

We pledge to donate 100% of our MaxBounty network fees on Dec 23rd to the GEFC (to a minimum of $1000). Won't you please help us raise a bundle for this excellent non-profit organization. It doesn't cost you anything (you still keep your ad revenue, it's ours we're giving away), but you can always choose to donate your earnings for that day too and we'll be able to give that much more. I'd love nothing more than to cut a check for many thousands of dollars.

If you have any questions, please email or message me.