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    I have a question regarding keyword ranking. If one of your keywords places you first in google out of 800,000,000 should you not get a lot of traffic? If one does not get traffic it would mean that users are not using this keyword?

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    first in google out of 800,000,000
    It would appear that an awful lot of others are trying to rank, but too much depends on what the keyword is to say that is 100% true. If the word is just part of a popular phrase that is otherwise unrelated to your site you could easily be #1 for that word and not get many hits. Have you looked at a keyword tool to see what it relates to? Maybe searchers are searching for your keyword only in conjunction with another word.

    I'm only guessing.

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    Not really. For high competitive keywords like cerdit card, there are about 565,000,000 pages on Google, guess how many websites ranked out of 500,000,000? And to find suitable keywords, you'd better use keywords tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Seobook keyword tool, focus to keyword's search volume and how competitive it is.

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