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    Louisiana Affiliate Tax Law
    Just saw this an not sure if it has been on anyone's radar....
    Revenue Shortfalls Push States to Institute Amazon Tax | The Pelican Post

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    It wasn't on mine and I live in Louisiana.
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    Glad I posted it then!

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    For instance, Paul Dion, Rhode Island’s head of the revenue analysis office, claimed in December 2009 that the six-month old law had generated no revenue.
    They will know this and still vote for it because the law sounds good to their supporters.

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    boy the tax laws never stop......All the politicians are so stupid....Internet sales tax should be collected for every online purchase, no matter what state the company or you lives in....The tax burden should not fall with the marketing company (affiliates) but with the buyer....WHen in the USA goin to wake up and realize this


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    I assume that we are on the same page. Some times I have trouble understanding the language.

    Columbia just lost 1200+ jobs because SC wants to get on the band wagon.

    Affiliates do not and will not pay or collect the sales tax.

    The merchant does not pay the sales tax. The merchant collects the tax for the state.

    The consumer is paying the tax.
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