Threads are locked on the board for a reason. A locked thread does not mean go start a new thread because you can't post in the locked thread. New threads continuing the discussion of a locked thread will be moderated as appropriate.

This includes the announcement regarding TT. The announcement was made and the thread was locked by Haiko. I locked the first spawn off thread. The second one (which was getting way off topic also), I put into moderation queue. The thread has not been deleted and can be returned to the boards if warranted.

But again ANY thread started to continue the discussion of a locked thread WILL BE moderated.

I'm going to lock this thread also, so please let's not see new threads being started about locked threads and moderated threads and....and...and.....whatever else someone can come up with.

Now everyone go have an extra cup of eggnog, throw a couple more handfuls of tinsel on the tree and shake a few packages to figure out what Santa has brought you. Oh yeah and don't forget about the mistletoe.