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    Question How many visits per day before its worth putting afiliate ads on a site ?

    I started my first site a few months ago with the plan of starting out with google ads (for simplicity) and then , once the site starts getting trafic putting some afiliate ads on.

    So my question:

    How many unique visits per day does a site need to get before its worth adding afiliate ads ?


    I use google analytics and webmaster tools to monitor my site and see that most of the trafic is to two or three pages- Should I just put the ads (both google ads and afilaites) only on those pages and leave the other pages ad free ? Or is it best to put ads on all pages "just in case"

    Thank you
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    In my humble opinion.....Why wait?

    If you have traffic and nothing to promote then you have wasted traffic.
    That first visitor may be your biggest sale.
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    one is enough
    It depends on how highly targeted your traffic is.

    E.G. your blog/site is about football and your traffic is as well, you might want to put an add up to buy a replica football shirt. One visitor could be enough to make that sell.

    However if you write about "dictionaries in foreign languages" and your ad is about football shirts chances of conversion are around 0%.

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    Thanks for the replies

    @Witzer - I see what your saying. I wasn't sure if the affiliate network expected a minimum amount of trafic - to cover admin costs and whatever.

    @dutchaffy - its a travel site so I was thinking travel agents / airlines
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritchie View Post
    I wasn't sure if the affiliate network expected a minimum amount of trafic - to cover admin costs and whatever.
    • Networks make their money from merchants in various ways
    • Merchants are usually the one who have traffic requirements
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    No wait period to include affiliate ads is my choice.

    Ads are automatically part of my site when it's published, as one key step of the launch plan is to bring people to the site (or blog) in as many ways possible to read the content and potentially show their interest in the ads that appear above, below, or next to the content.


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    Thank you both for your input.

    Seems like the concensus is go for it
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