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    Ebay - will you EVER have a Consistent payout program?
    Last month I earned $500 and this month will be $100. My rankings increased and I drove more traffic. I don't see ebay changing things. They've seemed to convince themselves that EPC is still a super cool way to pay affiliates - basically because morons (including myself) continue to drive traffic to their site with only a GUESS of what our commission will be for our hard work. So basically their broke EPC system is stealing from us - yes, stealing our time and our money.

    I'm still re-focusing my efforts elsewhere to programs that have *structured* and consistent payouts where the only thing you don't know is how much more of a bonus you might get - isn't that the way it should be? EPC and the EPN affiliate program has turned into a joke - and the ethics behind this broken EPN system is comparable to the commission robbing thieves over at Clickbank. If I were on the EPN team I'd be looking for other employment until they get their crap together over there. I hear the Google Wallet program is a good place to be these days.

    For more rantings check out the discussion at ebay discussion board:Same Traffic, But EPN Earnings Have Tanked? in Special Discussion Boards in Community
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    Agreed! I'm leaving links to them up only in case they reform.

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    I agree. Before QPC, I was doing about $12,000. After, it was about $600 (same traffic), now it's about 2% of what it was before QPC...Stealing is the word...

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