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    Question How do you get the sales before the store flyer comes out?
    For example, on one site they have the grocery store sales that will be in the store flyer/sale paper days before that sales paper is released at the store.

    I've seen this with sales at Kroger, Publix and others. The site(s) get the sales before that sales paper comes out. I don't know of any feeds out there.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe they have insider information from within the stores' or the printer's business. Maybe the stores are providing them with the information. Do they have an affiliate manager you can contact?

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    not that I know of

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    I'm sure the affiliates that get the sales data relatively far ahead are in a trusted position. Imagine the harm if their competition knew about price changes ahead of time.

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    Internet has become a fast way to advertise, it's normal, just add an ads banner to a websites definitely will be easier than design and print thousands of flyers.
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