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    Wink As An Affiliate Manager I Hate...
    I read a post here with the name "As An Affiliate I Hate..." which was started 2006 and still going today.
    So i figured, as an affiliate manager, I'd start this post for all the affiliate managers out there- "As an affiliate manager I hate..."
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    I will start myself,
    as an affiliate manager, I hate when I open my email every morning, there are millions of emails waiting to be dealt with. But I guess that's the case with most jobs...
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    1. Affiliates that convert like crazy ( 33% ) but do not want to hop on the phone to discuss payment terms.

    2. Affiliates that want to move to weekly's after a stellar month of performance, with no regard for the business model of the Merchant ( sure let's all go out of business )

    3. Misleading ads that are deceiving to the consumer, that drive sales, but cause support nightmares. ( deceiving the consumer is just wrong, causing support nightmares increases the charge backs and immediate cancels and does not deliver any value )

    Ben Fisher

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    Affiliates who try to circumvent PPC/Trademark bidding policies which I have explicitly communicated in multiple touch points (i.e. Program Description, Welcome Email, Program terms) or simply try to get away with it as much as they can. by day-parting, geotargeting and claiming it was an honest mistake (looking at their ad tells me otherwise).

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    As an affiliate manager, I hate when you send an email to all your affiliates asking what sort of incentives they'd like to receive, only to have 0 responses

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    I hate when publisher email again and again about payment, While they are dictated about terms and fixed date.

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    I hate seeing affiliates with vague names and urls that apply for my program without any description of how they are going to market the brand and then send me a nasty gram because they were declined.

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    Things I hated back when I was an AM:

    - Affiliates wanting me to do everything for them... one even asked me to look up his affiliate ID for him in log into your stupid account and look it up yourself.

    - Affiliates wanted you to revamp your datafeed and website around their needs... sure I will just wipe out my website and datafeed and start from scratch just because you need some little feature on your website.

    - Getting a ton of emails from affiliates tattling on other affiliates for silly stuff.... maybe if you minded your own business, instead of searching the net and looking for things to rat out people about, you would be a more successful affiliate.

    - Affiliates that post in forums acting like they make a thousand dollars a day and are lucky to get a couple click throughs... nothing like stroking your own ego on a message board.

    - Affiliates that take private confrontations to the public to "get back" at merchants for catching them committing fraud or not following the rules.

    - Affiliates expecting me to teach them HTML, programming, etc... No, I can't "walk you through it" step-by-step via email! Learn like a lot of other people did, by DOING IT!

    - Affiliates that I caught cheating removing the cheat code from their site and then acting innocent like it was never there. (back in the CPC days).

    And the final straw that chased me out of the Affiliate Management stuff:

    - Other affiliate managers harassing me... yes, competitor harassment does exist in the affiliate management profession.

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