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    This Is My Post...

    I was surfing..
    I found myself at
    When I saw the ads for the missing children and the information, I had an idea..

    What if they had a small “GoogleAdsense” like advertisement for missing kids…
    The Ad could be targeted to geographical location.. to show missing children in
    YOUR local area.. and maybe get the kids more exposure to people close to where they went missing from..

    I have contacted several different websites about getting this kind of thing implemented..
    Americas Most Wanted
    Missing Children . ORG

    I have yet to get a response from anyone.. hopefully it is because it’s the Holidays..


    If this were available
    If you could put a NON PROFIT advertisement on your site for missing kids..

    And if you have any ideas on how I / WE can get this thing rolling
    Know of someone that you think could get this rolling…
    Or better communicate what I am trying to get accomplished..

    I think it is a noble cause and one that would benefit from this kind of exposure…

    This may or may not be the right place to ask about this.. but we are webmasters and ultimately we would be the ones posting the ads..


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    What a great idea. I would happily forgo running AdSense ads and replace them with Amber Alert notices. It would have to use geotracking technology so that the visitor to our sites would see Amber Alerts that are pertinent to their geographical area.

    Don't know anyone who could help get this rolling, but I do think it's a wonderful idea.

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    Amber Alert has a ticker you can put on your website. Here's their web address:

    I don't know if it is set to regional or not. It's been on the back burner to put it up on one of my websites. After new years

    I would pitch the idea to them? I don't think the ticker has images.

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