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    January 25th, 2011
    Site hit by Google update - any suggestions?
    Hey all

    My site got hit by the google update back in Feb, and I have not been able to regain any traffic (lost about 80% of daily site visitors).

    Is there something specific that I should be avoiding? All of my written content is original, so it can't be a duplicate content issue...

    Any insights into what changes I could make to regain rank would be really appreciated!

    The site is: fourhourbodysupplements dot com


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    My suggestion is don't do anything for a few weeks.
    Updates take time to come to an end...

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    January 18th, 2005
    Your site is only a few months old.
    That's how Google works. They give you a good position for some time then ...
    Just add more content, day after day.

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    January 25th, 2011
    Cool thanks! I will definitely do this.

    The decreased ranking did happen at the exact time others from panda update were affected, is there anything in specific I should do next time to avoid this sort of demotion (or do you think is solely due to site age)?


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