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Thread: Join the Girly Checks Affiliate Program

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    Join the Girly Checks Affiliate Program
    Join the Girly Checks Affiliate Program!

    Women buy checks; they buy checks for the whole family and they buy checks for businesses. Women look for checks in all styles and niches and Girly Checks celebrates this market with over 600 personal check designs in over 35 categories, including business checks. With Girly Checks, some of the most popular check designs you can find include:

    • Animal checks – including baby animals, dogs, cats, zoo animals, butterflies and bears. Our dog checks are the most popular and currently comprise 125 selections.
    • Fantasy checks - such as fairies and elves, mermaids and unicorns
    • Cause checks – for things that matter, like breast cancer research, the environment, and recycling
    • Military checks – honoring each branch of the armed forces
    • Religious checks – showing churches, temples, stained glass windows, and beautiful scenes with scriptures.
    • Stylistic designs – just for fun images like cocktail glasses, beach flip flops, high heels, swirls, polka dots, and geometric designs
    • Scenic designs – choices include eagles in flight, sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses, golf courses, beach destinations
    • City Girl designs – meeting the sophisticated city girl's needs with images of high heels, chic city scenes, stiletto boots, sporty girls and tiaras.

    Girly Checks also offers check accessories, like checkbook covers, business check binders, matching address labels and self-inking stamps.

    Girly Checks is a powerful fit for checking related sites, personal check review sites, and specialty themed and niche sites. We've got a check for almost everybody, and if we don't, just ask and we will do our best to get it - we have the capability to create our own, original check themes and designs.

    We provide a full selection of banner and text ads. Custom creatives are also available. We also offer a well-categorized product feed to make things even easier.

    Commission Structure
    25% commission on all sales

    Cookie Length
    Lifetime cookie.

    Search Marketing/PPC Policy
    Affiliates can engage in PPC marketing related to with the following restrictions:

    • Search affiliates may not link directly to the website directly from a paid search campaign nor use the display URL.
    • Affiliates may use trademarks in ad text; however affiliates cannot use “Official Site” language or any variations of this in ad copy, or on their website.
    • No direct linking on competitor terms. Affiliates can bid on any competitor’s trademarks, but must land the user on a splash page first.
    • Any violations of this policy may result in the reversal and non-payment of all outstanding commissions and removal from the affiliate program.
    • If there are any questions about our search policies, please contact the affiliate program manager for clarification before launching any campaign(s) that may conflict with our aforementioned search policies.

    Affiliate Management
    This program is proactively managed in-house by the owners, Jill Swartwout and Bill Swartwout. They can be reached at

    Join this program now!

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    New, Exciting News - Even Better Commissions from Girly Checks!

    Girly Checks now pays you commissions on the full order - INCLUDING SHIPPING.
    What does this mean for you? Shipping accounts for anywhere from 25% up to 50% of a check’s Grand Total order (usually about one-third). So this increase has effectively just increased your AOV and, therefore commissions, by about one-third.

    A typical example is from an affiliate sale: 2 sets of Boxer Puppy Checks with EZ-Shield has a product total of $33.88, and at %25 commission, that paying a commission of $8.47 at the old rate. However the shipping on that order (priority shipping) is $10.99, bringing the Grand Total on the order to $44.87. The NEW COMMISSION is $11.21. That is an increase of $2.74 - for an earnings increase of one-third.

    Don't wait - join the Girly Checks Affiliate Program today!

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    Thank you, Jeannine. That is a very nice and comprehensive introduction for our expansion to your outstanding network.

    Indeed, the commission structure is about the best in the Checks Industry, if not "the" best.

    The 25% is a base commission and is paid on the Total Sale, including Shipping.

    As far as I know, no one outside of our checks "family" pays higher commissions and we also offer lifetime cookies. Couple that with a selection of over 600 personal checks designs and hundreds of business checks choices - and we have a true recipe for earning some serious cash.

    Sign up today at
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
    Cute Personal Checks and Business Checks
    If you are too busy to laugh you are too busy.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm beyond excited to welcome Girly Checks to!

    There are TONS of ways to promote check products, and it certainly helps that they are a need-based item! Bill and Jill have done an amazing job in fleshing out the product design selection. No matter what your site content contains (within reason, of course), Girly Checks has a check for it, and if not, they can make it for you! How many other companies can claim that kind of service?!

    I encourage everyone to check them out.

    Kim Salvino, Client Services Director, Performance Horizon Group
    Reach me at kim.salvino(at) or on (443) 617-4036

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