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    Affiliate Aquarium?
    Is anyone here using the SAS Affiliate Aquarium effectively? Can you share some tips?

    I've logged in and peeked around, but just don't see much going on there. Any tips on how to use this tool to connect with publishers?

    Shoe Shopping Spree is ladies shoe store, and would like to connect with anyone who has fashion blogs or websites that cover topics of interest to females.


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    The way I see it the SAS Aquarium is only and excuse for the SAS team to say “yes, we do offer affiliate recruiting tools” when you call them before signing up and say, hey, why does CJ, PepperJam, etc. offer this super-useful tools and you don’t?

    Other than that it’s a totally useless platform… nothing is going on there, I joined some groups, posted messages on several pages, invited some people to friend me… no response, not eve 1…

    For my short experience this forum is 10 times more what I expected the Aquarium to be, so my advice? Post in ABW rather than in the Aquarium, you’ll find here a much better community.

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    When the Aquarium first showed up, I went in and signed up, then I saw that it was a recruiting tool and it seemed less attractive. If SAS were to decide to share affiliate information like PJ does I would need to start selling my sites and retire. As an affiliate I very much dislike being pitched. Some others don't, they will be active there. Most of us have a full schedule for the present and prefer to seek programs when we have the time and location that is right for the program, rather than say yes, sign up and leave it laying on the side until we get there.

    If you get the word out about what your program is and where it is people do pay attention even though immediate response might not seem so. The Paid Announcements and Advertising - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum forum is one of the most viewed forums here, it is visible not only to members but even first time visitors and your announcement keeps being viewed months after it is closed to responses. Go look at the page views in there. Go back a few pages and get an idea of how the messages are being seen.

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    Thanks both, for the perspective. Certainly ABW is a great resource, it already pays dividends...

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    One pain point I had was that you had to sign-up as a merchant and as an OPM it meant I had to manage more accounts Aquarium accounts. I looked at it after the ThinkTank last November, setup one merchant account, did a little networking but didn't get any responses. Would be better served to tie into Facebook where many of us are already active daily. That or a better notification system. I think its a good idea but needs a revamp.

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