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    Question Banner or text link
    We are going to be running our big Father's Day free shipping promotion on over 15 sites. I've entered the text links, but I am wondering if I should have my design department do a banner for each site.

    Does anyone know what works better, would it be worth the time to do it, and what size would be good.

    As always, grateful for all your help.


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    Text links make 80% of the sales as they are incorporated into the copy of the page. That said banners are used for branding and can communicate much with limited animation. I keep banners at 2-3 frames with the last being a call to action.

    How about messaging your affiliates and asking them if they want banners and what sizes? If you get responses from small producers then you can decide if you have the banners made. If the bigger producers don't respond then they are not reading your emails.

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    1) Text
    2) 160x600 banner
    3) 728x90 banner
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    superCool likes banners for promotions like this. something that says it all with just a few words.

    also - if you run frequent promotions, this affiliate loves him some banners that update automatically with each promotion. the affiliate can place the banner once and then forget about it. the merchant updates the banner with each promotion and then puts a generic banner in place when there are no promotions. it's also a great way to get banner space even when there's no promotion - because some of the affiliates will leave it up all the time waiting for the next promotion.

    just superCool's opinions good luck with your Father's Day sales!

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    supercool is bang on!

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    Banner advertisement is a great way to establish brand name in the market, because it's easily catch the attention. Text link advertisement is also good source, but it's difficult to guess how many people consider it, however, for SERP it's all good.

    You shouldn't make a specific size banners, because available size for banner adds may varies from website to website, but usually webmasters provide details about what size they allow. If you are in real hurry, then text link advertisement is for you.

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