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    help! What is the SKU list in the lead generation program?
    Currently we are trying to release an email subscribe program on Linkshare. But seems we are blocked on this step:Creat Special Offer - Offer Details - Commission Details - SKU list. It requires us uploading a SKU file. I am not sure what is the SKU refers to in kind of this lead generation(email sign up).
    I was trying to contact the LS account manager, and they told me to "name the SKU registration. It should be the same as the SKU for tracking (case sensitive). "
    Maybe the reason is am not a native English speaker, I cannot catch the point at all.

    What kind of file we have to upload? TXT? CSV?
    What is the SKU in a lead program? A series of sequence number produced by merchant? or valued as a specific word (registration?)?

    Pls give us your hand. Thanks
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    Hi E-milanoo,

    Can you provide me more information about you? What is your MID & company name? Also who is your Account Manager?

    If you are in the Lead Generation program we wouldn't expect you to set this up.

    Once we have this information we can work together to resolve your issue.

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    Hi Ranae,

    Thanks for reaching out!
    Our MID is 36308, Milanoo. Erica is helping us on this lead program. We are runing a PPSales program already. So it seems the problem is the SKU should be different from the exsiting one but I have no idea what is a SKU for email subscription.

    We already put the code below in the email subscription confirmation page.
    <img src=" subscriber sequence number)&skulist=registration&qlist=1&amtlist=0&cur=USD&">

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