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    Need help figuring out a blog setup??
    OK, I've been wracking the old brain for almost 6 months trying to figure out how to set up a special sub section on my blog. It's not really complicated, although it's a bit hard to explain. So bear with me on a LOOOONNNNGG post here, please.

    I've tried puzzling over this, and perhaps some of you smarter bloggers out there can help me figure it out.

    One of my main "authority" sites deals with a very specific period of U.S. history -- life in the Old West. My long-term plan is to expand this site with, hopefully, thousands of posts related to people, events, adventures, real tales and tall tales, EVERYTHING anyone might want to know about the American Old West.

    The domain name I have is very much an EMD for life in the Old West.

    Here's my problem: I have set up a special category, "The American Story," which I want to develop systematically as a sort of U.S. history "general survey," writing about any time period, people, places, things that are fundamental to every period of U.S. history from early settlement and explorers up to the present.

    I have on the sidebar (the site is WordPress) a widget titled "Recent Articles," which shows the most recent 10-12 posts. That needs to be directly related to life in the Old West -- not intermingled posts from "The American Story" category.

    So here's what I'm trying to do:

    1. Write general "The American Story" posts which don't show up in "Recent Articles."

    2. Have a sidebar navigation link to "The American Story," which will take people to a category page and/or specific page/post titled "The American Story," on which they will find links to the posts/articles in that category only.

    My biggest problems are:

    1. I can't "hide" the "American Story" posts from showing up in the "Recent Articles" widget -- or at least I haven't yet found a way to do that -- without having them disappear from showing up on that "The American Story" page/category page/post.

    2. The template I'm using automatically creates a "Site Map" and links to that site map in the footer. On that sitemap, all my posts/pages, displayed chronologically, show up. Which means it totally mixes all the domain-specific "life in the Old West" stuff with the "The American Story" stuff. (This sitemap is one for "human consumption," not the XML Google sitemap. I WANT everything to appear on that sitemap.)

    Anyway, I've seen a set up like I'm trying to achieve on a friend's website. So far, I've failed to get him to share with me exactly how he does it. And I haven't been able to figure it out looking at what he's done.

    Anyone with suggestions, I would welcome them.

    I hesitate to "expose" my site here at the ABW forum ...

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    *Disclaimer: I am not, a WordPress expert by any stretch of the imagination*

    Having said that... What about a "blog within a blog"? The info is a little dated and I would run it by Scott before attempting it.

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    I share the disclaimer by Kaizen...

    What about:

    Installing Multiple Blogs « WordPress Codex

    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Would pages work for you instead of blog posts? You can assign a parent page to each page which would give you a top level page to hang everything else off. superCool does something like this and it seems to work for him. There is a bit of code you can add to the page that will present a list of links to the sub-pages. That could be used as a sitemap for the section. You could also have multiple levels so your "The American Story" could have children that are pages and also children that are pages with more children under them.

    As you know, pages are different and don't support categories and tags (don't think they do anyway?)

    don't know if that makes sense, but let me know if you have questions
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    I hope I understood the question correctly - but you essentially want to exclude posts of catgegory "The American Story" from showing up in the "Recent Articles" widget, right?

    I just read this: Exclude category from Recent Posts in sidebar
    Sounds like it could work (I have not tried it myself).

    If it doesn't work - it could be a theme specific issue.

    I didn't understand the sitemap issue....I think my little brain just couldn't absorb all the info in one blow.

    Good luck!

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    You know, just babbling on about all this in my opening post helped. I realized that I've probably been "over thinking" the whole setup.

    I think I might be able to use a built-in "hide" feature within my current template, then structure a simple page titled "The American Story" and manually put the links on that page as I write the "hidden" posts.

    Now if I can think of something clever about that "sitemap" issue, I should be good to go.

    Thanks for the links and suggestions you guys have left me. I'll look them over, give it all a shot, and let you know how it works out.

    Generate more fake news.

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