As I noticed in my last topic I am planning to start with the other side of AM (not PPC) and am seriously considering to make a ebook.

The funiest thing is that I am planning to let my mom write the ebook about her favorite hobby

There I different ways I can promote the ebook and make money with it.

1. On webmasterworld I read about somebody that I think is a great idea. This is giving away a weekly update of the ebook with new iformation and instructions. This way build up a mailing list and if you for example reach 1000 people who subscribed for your ebook then let resellers pay for each mail they send to emails in our mailing list.

2. The second method is starting an affiliate program were we pay our resellers commission.
Where we support our affiliates 100 procent for example with PPC. (as I had succes with this myself)

3. Self promote the product truw PPC or Organic SEO.

Please share some ideas,

thank you