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    A very startling news from south east asia. more than 120,000 are dead by big tsunami that hit south east asia (aceh indonesia: more than 100.000 dead , thailand: more than 4000 dead) and south asia (india: more than 10,000, srilangka: more than 15,000) on sunday local time 26th december 2004. Many were drowned by flood from the sea big wave that entered the city and destroyed and killed everyone and everything from children, woman, man, house, car etc. Many mother lost their children and many man lost his wive and children. Even a very sad movie showed that a woman at aceh was still crying and weaping over her dead baby trying to wake up her baby who has dead. And another woman lost her 7 children at once. Quite sad to see such scene that could tear your heart apart. Hope all affiliate master could help those unlucky people in south east asia and south asia by spreading this news and arrange donation with your country to help those poor unlucky people at aceh, srilangka, india.

    Why dont we try to give little love on christmas day to them

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    its over 24,000 now

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