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    Adwords: Credit Card Declined?
    I woke up this morning to find my credit card was declined on postpay auto billing at adwords, .as well as my backup.

    I called my credit card company. They showed no declined transcations, so I dont know why this happened. Very strange. This happen to anyone else this morning or before?

    I have an email into adwords. for good measure, I also reentered my amex credit card information.

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    I just checked all of my adwords accounts and everything is OK. My last payment was on 6/4 at 1 AM, so maybe Google had a glitch after that time.

    Having my credit cards declined scares the heck out of me, because I usually assume there is fraudulent activity. Several years ago, my Adwords account was hijacked and the reason my credit cards were getting declined is because Adwords was trying to take out over $20k in funds, which was pushing the cards over their credit limits.
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    thanks for the reply. they were just trying to take the balanced funny charge amounts here. i'm just afraid if they decline me again how long they'll keep my account offline. i have an email into support. i'm calling them 1st thing in the morning. looks like they'll try my card again tomorrow or something.

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    As you will discover if you force yourself to try to read the Adsense forum, this happens regularly ... going back several years. There are lots of useless suggestions, but not what there should be: "Sometimes this happens due a glitch at Adsense. Contact them and ask them to investigate". About 2 months ago it happened with a client's account. I told him and he called his credit card company (Amex). They told him his account was fine and no transactions were declined, but they have sure had a lot of customers calls with that same problem at AdWords. I sent a message to AdWords, told them all of that, and about an hour later they told me there had been a problem and it was fixed. (They did not confirm that it affected all Amex cards, but that's my guess).

    Unfortunately, sending messages to Google requires poking around in their stupid Help area, to get to a point where you can actually send your message.
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