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    I've been reading these posts and this business looks very interesting. Someone tell me where to get started with affiliate marketing please! What should I read, what should I buy, what should I do? What web sites should I visit, what newsletters should I subscribe to? Beginner advice appreciated!

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    Wow, nobody can give a comprehensive answer in just one post! But here's some answers to get you going...

    >>What should I read,

    The posts right here at ABW are a good place to start.

    >>what should I buy,

    Web hosting/domain name. HTML editing program, or learn HTML yourself. Best to learn it yourself even if you use a program for actual page production because sometimes you may want to override what the program's trying to do, and it helps to know what you're looking at!

    >>What web sites should I visit,

    Check out some other sites that promote things. NOT "how to do business" things, but just consumer-y things. Find 'em on Google by looking for products from stores that you know have an affiliate program. Try to get a "feel" for what a good sales site looks like. By "good," I mean, one you'd actually click the links of and be motivated to buy what they're pushing--not necessarily whether it would win a design award!
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    far far away....
    what leader said, plus read all you can here at ABw.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Same comments of Leader and my2cents, but I would add this. First decide what you want to focus on. A narrowly focused site about widgets or a site that will market everything to the world. Narrowly focused sites with good up to date commentary tend to get more sales.

    Secondly, decide on a name for your site, but don't buy a domain name yet. Work on designing the site and you'll probably come up with half a dozen other names.

    Next get a program such as Dreamweaver to build your site. There are several of them out there. I wouln't choose Front Page because of problems with that program in the past, but they may have cleaned up their act. Play with the program to find out how to do things and then design a few pages.

    Next, go to a couple of sites that you like and see how they designed the sites (from a code perspective). You'll learn a lot doing this.

    Once you're satisfied with what you have buy a domain name and choose a host. Don't choose a host based on lowest cost, but research various hosts at a site such as

    Good luck.


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    Thank you for your replies, perhaps I should have said, I am a beginner to affiliate marketing, not to web sites in general. I am already very familiar with web design and programming and make my living doing this.

    My excitement and interest is in affiliate marketing, especially after reading all of these posts from everyday people who are achieving great success.

    There are so many web sites and books and programs out there promising to make you *rich* from Internet marketing, it's hard to know which ones are for real and which ones are only interested in selling their marketing products and advice, whether they work or not.

    I'm not looking to get rich overnight, I realize this takes a lot of time and diligent hard work, I just want to spend my time doing the right things.

    Also, are the advertisers on this web site screened and known to be good? Or do they just take anyone who pays the ad fee, so buyer beware?

    Thanks again!

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    Hey Tod (and hello to everyone else),

    Man as time goes by I find myself less and less in the forums chatting. But now and then it is nice to drop back in and say hello ;-)

    Tod, as mentioned above just take it one step at a time. Understand that as long as you are intrested you will continue to evolve and learn more and more all the time.

    Website marketing is a HUGE subject, you need to walk before you run. I often tell people it is smart to start with a hobby site. Something you can spend your first couple of months with as you learn how to create webpages, how to target those pages in the search engines and ultimately drive traffic.

    This was my method when I started some three years ago and I spent a total of about 9 months not even thinking about money ... I know many people will view this road as too long but for me it was great as in that time period I learned many of the basic skills I still use to this day in driving free traffic.

    Your goals should always focus around getting "targeted vistors" to your "pages" ... I say "pages" because you will want to focus each page on one or two search terms and build the page around that phrase or "topic".

    I did this when I got started with a culinary site and watched as my traffic grew from hundreds daily to over 4k daily in unique visitors.

    Once you feel like you can always meet your traffic goals with your hobby site then venture out with a more commercial site and use the same method ....

    "targeted pages based on search terms" ...

    This method has allowed me to nearly double my income from 2003 (over 200k) while I spend much of my time in the pharma industry I also have done quite well in other industries too ....

    I have sold costumes, offered free catalogs, sold posters, worked with insurance companies (leads) and more.

    Affilaite marketing is a very reward industry ... you make your own decisions and answer to no one!

    One last bit of advice, when you decide on a subject manner for your money making site make sure it is in an area that has enough traffic to make you what your monthly goal is. Then make sure you spend enough time with your first commercial site to achieve your goal. I see so many affiliates bounce from one program to another spending a few hours with each and making nothing....

    Don't get sucked into this pattern.... spend enough time choosing a program with potentical and then stick with it!


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