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    Seeking Advice
    Apologies to the moderators, I overstepped a boundary in my prior post.

    If it's OK, can we get this topic back on track? Since the topic is broader than Shareasale network, perhaps it should be moved to the "traffic" forum?

    I lost the list of questions from the edited/deleted post, but from memory, these are the issues I'm struggling with...

    1) How much to pay for a simple email sign-up? Obviously less is better, but how much would an affiliate need to earn, to be interested? Perhaps come affiliates can comment?
    2) What techniques are recommended to improve the quality of the sign-up? In the past we have had poor quality with giveaways. The person signing up wants the free shoes, we have had zero conversions from such email list-members..
    3) How to avoid fraud/fake signups?
    4) Any other issues and pointers, any pitfalls to avoid?

    Thanks for your advice and input, much appreciated!

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    The "Traffic" forum is a discussion of getting traffic (to affiliate sites mostly), your questions have more to do with setting up your Affiliate Program so I moved it here to "Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A".

    You might find some helpful information here too: Merchant Best Practices Forum - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Good luck.

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