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    Google news for content
    Hello, I have a colleague that introduced me to Google news, which is yet another display of Google's reach and power, IMO. He also mentioned using Google news as a way to populate a website with content?!? Is that legal? It seems to automate a site like that just isn't smart, maybe legally or just because the site will be boring and not original. I could see maybe a few posts coming from them, but he was mentioning whole sites generated by the process.

    Does anyone have knowledge or experience with this?


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    Google had problems in the past with news providers. I'm sure they are not going to let somebody use their own news to populate one or several websites.
    Forget the legal aspect, think visitors experience. Do they need such a site?
    Your colleague is going nowhere. Don't let him waste your time. Google bots are getting smarter everyday to detect such sites to bury them deep in the SERPs.

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    it works for me

    Well I'm doing something similar as your college describes and it works like a charm: I'm getting tons of long tail traffic. Just be sure to respect the copyright terms and do not copy articles completely.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks for your responses. I think I will side with you Zeus, I will keep my blogs original, but I will let him experiment. He might find it to be successful under the terms.

    Broeslie, is there a way we could pm? If you wouldn't mind, he would like to ask some basic questions about copyright, and your traffic
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    What is your goal? If you want to get some traffic by copying content, then you must be aware that you are building no long-term value and you will one day get slapped hard by the mighty Google. This means that your short-term traffic and excitement will be gone and you will be back at square one.

    Build original content and attract an audience to your content.
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