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    Northern Tool + Equipment Catalog Co - Too Darn Frustrating
    Days like today I feel like walking away from all this. Received from GAN today:
    We regret to inform you that your affiliate relationship with Northern Tool & Equipment has been Deactivated by the advertiser.
    Can't find anyone at Northern to contact and just as well since I wouldn't be very civil.

    There is no reason and no notice. Just wham your dead. There is just too much frustration in this biz these days with all the tax stuff and the cruel attitude of big networks and clueless merchants.

    Good thing I have to make a medical run with my wife or I would waste even more time ranting here.
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    They were among the first to bail in May 2008. I thought they would have worked around it by now. (NY)

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    I see they run a CJ program and have this for contact:
    Contact: Nathan Miller

    If I were that upset I would call their corporate number and raise some hell:

    Northern Tool + Equipment
    2800 Southcross Drive West
    Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
    Phone: 952-894-9510
    Fax: 952-894-1020

    I know that if a call came to me via the switchboard when I was employed by a merchant it would raise some executive eyebrows! If you get voicemail then send an email and fax it to corporate.

    Latest Legislation Update

    If you have any physical presence or if any part of your business operations is located in the following states, you will not be qualified to participate in the Northern Tool + Equipment Affiliate Program:

    * Arkansas (effective 5/31/11)
    * Illinois (effective 5/31/11)
    * New York
    * Rhode Island
    See that in their affiliate program page but doesn't look like it applies to you.
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    @Chuck, Louisiana has an Amazon tax bill that was supposed to be discussed by the full house today. Maybe they are just quick on the trigger. The fact is that I don't want to deal with folks like that anymore so I'm not going to hunt them down.

    I'm resolving not to put much effort into any merchant that doesn't have an accessible contact person, and to contact them prior to adding that effort.

    I'm pretty sure that I was with them at CJ a while back and for some reason they encouraged me to move to GAN. Memory fails on that. I know I was with Northern back when G took over and made it GAN.

    Looking to deal with folks like Chuck H. and people that try to operate like you.

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