Is there a way to add a product to my shop when I can't see the ADD button? This merchant has chosen to show every size possible in the description and because of that the ADD button is not visible.

Reported to Popshops but thought someone might know a workaround.

Here's as much of the description as I could copy (note no spaces between sizes):

Glamorise Magic Lift Bra with Dual-Adjustable Convertible StrapsWhite, Black Size 44DD,46B,38F,46C,38G,46D,46DD,38H,42B,38I,46F,48DD,42C,46G,42D,46H,50B,46I,50C,42F,50D,42G,42H,50F,42I,50G,50H,50I,38DD,48B,48C,48D,44