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    Question Moving Wordpress & Testing New Host
    superCool is finally moving some of his WP sites to a new host. there are several places that tell you how to do it, so that should not be an issue (fingers crossed). the problem superCool sees is testing the new location while the old location remains in place. is there any way to test the site on the new host without switching it over for everyone?

    has anyone moved a wp site and had both hosts up at the same time? any ideas? superCool has a few unused domains. would that be the best bet? point an unused domain to the new host for testing?

    superCool is nervous about screwing up his site and causing a multi-hour emergency fix-up party. would rather get things looking good before flipping the switch.

    thanks for any advice,

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    Do you have access to cpanel on your new hosting? If so that is a pretty much painless way to Pull your site to the new host. I've done it and it was pretty quick with no problems. Sometimes support on your new host will assist in the migration.

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    John is right, I moved a WP site to a new host in Feb. and the only real problem in moving it was that the .sql file was too big to upload without help from the new host. It was "live" in both sites when we changed the DNS to the new host.

    If you are making changes to the site other than host/theme, be careful of using an interim domain because of the troubles of the taxonomy for permalinks that gets created, better to just move over what you have and then update/change things from the place it will be.

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    I've moved WP sites quite often between hosts or my own servers. It's pretty easy with WP. Just think to back up everything. The pb I have is moving scripts that are linked to IPs and not domain names.
    I always keep sites on both places and I use my own DNS to switch sites. You can also ask your new host to give you a special link to test your sites before they resolve to the new location.

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