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    Offline Advertising that Worked or Didn't Work On You?
    We have experiences with offline advertising every day, and I think if we are more conscience of those interactions and examine how they did or didn't work on us, it'll make us better marketers.

    So, what offline advertising did you experience today, and how did it succeed or fail?

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    Our nearest Braum's (a combination restaurant / ice cream / fresh grocery place) regularly changes out their sign with different promotions about once a week. The regular changes and some good deals keeps me watching to see what's new. This week, they advertised that they have 7 new ice cream flavors, which convinced me to stop and see what they were. I parked and got out of my car, and right by the door was a big sign showing what the 7 new flavors were. My curiosity fulfilled, I turned around and went home.

    They did good by changing out their promotions regularly. That gets me to pay attention to what they're saying.

    They did good by pushing their 7 new flavors. That pulled me in.

    But they totally failed by stopping me before I got inside. If they would have made me go inside to find what I was looking for, I would have been much more likely to have seen something I "had to" buy.

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    So here I was At "Kantamanto Market" -- a big, noisy, dirty open market in Accra, capital of Ghana -- to get me a a pair of local / traditional shoes. After spending what seemed like eternity to get the perfect shoe I wanted, I had to spend another eternity haggling for a fair price. That was not fun at all.

    But a as I turned to walk away, holding my new pair of shoes (unwrapped), three young men who had been sitting on a bench nearby suddenly approached me, smiling. They asked to see the shoe I'd just bought, and as I was holding the shoe unwrapped, I reluctantly showed it to them.

    Then immediately these young men jumped into action: they first praised the shoe and the price I got it for (thus boosting my ego), then pointed out some flaws, and immediately offered to fix these flaws! One affixed metal eyelets in the lace holes. The second guy stitch the top leather to the sole. The third sold me a polythene bag to hold everything.

    Yes, I'm a sucker: but as an entrepreneur, I really did appreciate the sales acumen of these kids. Apparently they just hung around waiting for suckers like me. The Talk about anticipating customer needs / wants!
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    I took the kids to karate last night and we were going to be on our own for dinner. I remembered that one restaurant (Chili's, I thought) had a "kids eat free" promotion on Mondays and Tuesdays. At full price, it wouldn't have been my first choice, but I can't pass up a bargain. I called to make sure it was still running.

    It wasn't , but the manager who answered the phone told me that if I came in, asked for her and signed up for their email discount club, she would honor the promotion. And we did. Two kids and I ate for $17 - tough to beat that at McDonalds!

    So they did a good job coming up with an appealing promotion. Kid's meals don't cost them much, so it was probably a profitable transaction for them. For most people who come in (2 adults and 1 or 2 kids), it would be even more profitable.

    Lesson 1: Give away something with a high perceived value but a low cost.

    The manager did a good job reading me, anticipating my reaction, and proactively offering me something that would make me a happy customer.

    Lesson 2: If you get a customer inquiry, go out of your way to make them a happy customer.

    Lesson 3: If you can get the customer to do something that benefits you in exchange for giving them something special, do it. I have a feeling the employees and/or store gets rated and/or compensated based on how many email discount club signups they generate. Plus, by getting me coupons regularly, I'm sure I'll be in much more often.

    Lesson 4: If you offer a newsletter, make every customer contact an opportunity to get them to sign up.

    Lots of lessons learned from this offline experience that can translate into more effective advertising online.

    So what advertising interactions did you have today?

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    More of a vicarious AM story, but my friend tried a lot of offline marketing to parallel his AM efforts and it absolutely failed. Tried everything from sign-up tables and more, all the while following advertiser restrictions and so on and it ended up being a complete waste of time. His lesson was valuable though, offline marketing just sometimes isn't plausible for certain online marketing.

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