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    Just in case anyone was wondering, you can donate at your regional Red Cross website or via this Amazon link. Better yet, put this up on some high traffic pages:

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    Thank you!

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    It is my understanding that a large percentage of donations to the Red Cross go toward administrative expenses (the president of the Red Cross makes over $1 million per year). I would encourage potential donors to check it out for themselves before contributing to a particular charity.

    A good source of charity information is, to find out whether a charity is legitimate and how much money actually goes to the cause vs. administrative expenses. You can also check with (Clark Howard is a consumer advocate and national radio talk show host who checks these things out carefully).

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    Checking out's page on the American Red Cross I see this:

    Scroll down past all the text and there's a pie-chart with the breakdown of expenses for the American Red Cross. It shows only 4% going to Administrative, while 82% went to their programs.

    So I'd say the Red Cross is pretty good!

    I actually checked them out last year after the FL hurricanes, and I would have been very surprised if their administrative costs had spiked to 80% in such a short time!!

    As for the president's salary, yeah it's high, but compared to the total money they handle it isn't all that much, percentage-wise. And I can't really say the pres. should get less--that's a lot of money and programs to be in charge of, and a fat salary should help reduce the desire to have sticky fingers.
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