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    Hi Everyone,

    We have just launched - Cosmetics Now, Discount Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Care & Fragrances - selling discounted Cosmetics, Make Up, Skin Care, Fragrance and Hair Care bargains. We have 25,000 products within our site, so a good selection.

    There are many networks out there i have found who do lead based campaigns, but as i would like to get many of you running our affiliate program, i would like to ask you who the better networks are out there you use who cater to sales based merchants like ourselves.

    Any help/comments are greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Sharon,

    Welcome to ABW.

    I moved this to a different forum - maybe you will get more results to your question here.

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    Many thanks for this, i look forward to anyones feedback :-)

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    A lot depends on how your program is managed. If you manage the program then probably you know what services you need and only need to know what networks offer the services you need at the best price. If you want to know what networks affiliates prefer, you could do a search here for favorite network, best network or some phrase like that and find past discussions about the pros and cons of all the major networks. IMHO if ethics, cost and efficiency matter, you might take a look at AvantLink or ShareaSale first and then move up your list to see if others offer you any closer to what you need.

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