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    Biblica Questions
    Hi Andy,

    I have been trying to email, PM and IM you - I received no replies so I will ask them here. I was trying to ask you for an update on some questions that we were discussing regarding the Biblica program.

    1) What is this new link to Biblica Customized Bibles? This is an out-and-out leak. Will this ever be plugged?
    2) All international traffic is being directed to the 1-800 number yet Biblica has removed telephone tracking. Will they be re-installing telephone tracking any time soon?
    3) What happened to the December contest that you were running? Who won and what prizes did you award? (I had a great month and would like to know how I did)
    4) The last datafeed had Amazon links in some of the descriptions. Will these be removed in the next version?

    Best regards,
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    I've promoted first IBS, then IBSDirect, and now would like to revamp a site that works with the datafeed for BiblicaDirect.

    So I, too, would be very interested in answers to the questions Dave is asking.

    Andy, any response?

    IBS/Biblica/Whatever has been one of those programs that's been very frustrating for me, I know. Several years ago, they looked ready to really take off. I think at one point, affiliates were told they would be fixing up their poor quality descriptions and really expanding their product line in the datafeed. Little ever happened -- though a lot of the odd characters in the datafeed were cleaned up. But the available products actually went way down. I see now it's back up over 700 anyway.

    After years of waiting for more products and real improvements, I've sort of given up on them. But I would LOVE to be able to reverse that and see them really useful again.

    First affiliate money I ever made was with IBS.

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    Dave, Gary,

    Biblica has indeed gone through some changes in the last few years ... it would take me almost a full day to go over and explain all the turns and directions is has gone through ... it's best explained here on their page: Biblica - Transforming Lives Through God's Word

    Long story short, the affiliate program was on "maintenamce mode" for a while until the final direction was decided upon, the name changes were approved and the mergers were all completed ... all in gear and moving forward now ...

    This happened late last year and this year 98% has been finalized ... the affiliate channel is now in gear again and we are moving light speed ahead ...

    Some notable changes:

    1) The feed has been greatly improved and is being updated frequently. We will look into the amazon links, it may be an inclusion from another feed they are using.

    2) The phone tracking was indeed removed from the old site, when they launched the new site with the new shoping cart, the phone tracking was left off .. this has been and is currently under discussion and will probably be implemented very soon via SAS and RingRevenue. We are waing for the final go ahead which is dependent on a few things they are working on their end. The desire is there, they understand the need and are actively working on getting it implemented.

    3) The custom covers or customized bibles is currently going outside the site, we know this and know its a leak. On last weeks call, we got the news that this will be moving to the main site. They understand the "leak" situation and are actively working to make it a commissionable link to the affiliate program. This will be a huge benefit to affiliates due to the nature of these orders that can be very large and result in very high commissions to our partners.

    4) The new banners are loaded in SAS, (the new banners with the name) and the old banners are slowly being phased out ... if you are reading this, please take a minute to swap out any old creative. We will eventually expire them in SAS or replace them with new ones though.

    So, in a nutshell, the program is back on track, getting all the gears working smoothly again under the new name, new site and shopping cart etc.

    The December promotion -

    There were a few discrepancies and we are still sorting through those, the prizes were as follows:

    1st prize - $300.00
    2nd prize - $200.00
    3rd place - Leather Study Bible
    4th place - Leather Study Bible
    5th place - Leather Study Bible

    We have the Bibles and the funds allocated ... we will be re visiting that this month and get that awarded ...

    @Dave, as I had mentioned to you before, you are in the top 5, not sure what position you will finally end up at though.

    Finally ...

    I'm online everyday, sometimes too many hours if you ask my family ...

    Email sometimes is not the best way due to the mass volume we get in all our emails to our domain, the spam is out of control, we get over 4,000 emails per day, mostly spam but we have to check and scan over them daily ...

    Please, if you have anything urgent that is important that we get to it ASAP, call my cell phone 305-785-4524 or our toll free office line - 888-931-ANDY(2639).

    I'm also on Skype about 12 hours a day, Skype name: affiliatedoctor

    Thanks for your support ...
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    Thanks Andy. I would appreciate it if you could keep me up to speed as these various items progress. It would be nice to get some target dates from you so I can plan my resources to adjust my campaigns accordingly.

    When the only tool you have is a hammer - everything looks like a nail.

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