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    Hi Everybody!

    I'd like to know what has been the
    general membership's experience with
    the resource box placed at the end of

    These are some of my experiences:

    (a) My article gets published without a
    resource box.

    (b) It gets published with the resource box
    but only a text link. It was submitted to the
    publisher with a html link.

    (c) It's published with my name only and
    no mention of my Website or a link of any

    (d) One half of the times I've complained to
    the particular Webmasters, they removed my
    article rather than fix the resource box.

    It seems to me that writers get a raw deal
    from article submission. The publishing
    Webmasters grab your content without
    taking the few extra minutes to insure full
    compliance with the article use agreement.

    Is there a way to alleviate some of the
    problems described?

    Since 50% of publishing Webmasters delete
    the article rather than comply with the
    agreement; is there a way to keep it from
    happening, in the first place?

    I’m very concerned because my Website is
    dedicated to Newbies that may not know how
    to copy and paste a link.

    What would be your approach?

    Thank you!

    Francisco Aloy

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    I remember hearing a case about somethng similar recently.

    Person A submitted an article on Person B website.
    Person B post the article with no mention of Person A.

    Person A sued Person B for not giving proper credit.

    Judge ruled person A gave their up their ownership when they submited to Person B site.

    Then another case

    Person A sent out newsletter. Person B recieved newsletter and post it on their blog with no credit.

    Person A sued Person B.

    As in the first example the judge ruled against person A.

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    Hum... something doesn't sound right Mikey, you don't give up your rights as an author in either of those cases and should be able to specify the terms of use. Use of copyritten material, even in quotation, requires attribution. The author can grant rights subject to specific terms of use.
    Deborah Carney

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    I’m very concerned because my Website is
    dedicated to Newbies that may not know how
    to copy and paste a link.


    I would include simple instructions for your visitors telling them how to C&P and use your article and resouce information.

    I do use a few articles on a couple of my sites, and always include the information that the writer has requested.
    I figure if you don't, it's theft plain & simple.

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    I don't believe I quoted the judge who ruled correctly but I do remember the ruleings because I often get submissions on my website. But I include any HTML they may have up if I decide to go with the article. I get a lot more submissions as of late because of my connection.

    I remember the newsletter one more so then I do the first one because it was more recent.

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    Hi All!

    Thanks for your input!

    I post all my articles at distribution
    sites that clearly state the user agreement.

    What I've also encountered are Forums that
    don't have any contact info or any way to
    get in touch with the admin other than to
    join or do a whois search.

    I've noticed a certain stubbornness about
    simply doing what's fair. I've joined a couple
    of the Forums in question and asked the admin
    on a Private Mail to honor my requests and
    gotten no answer.

    The other forum I joined to be able to contact
    the admin won't even allow me to post so I
    suspect they've blocked me.

    I don't believe a legal venue is the way to go
    and that's why I've done my best to deal with
    it in a private way.

    Here are the results I've gotten:

    Of the 50% that decided not to delete my
    article, one third fixed the problem and
    the other two thirds have stonewalled me.

    Not encouraging numbers, to say the least!


    Francisco Aloy

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