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    Lightbulb Wet cell phone rescue
    Did you just drop your cellphone in water? Or maybe you'd like to know what to do if that happens! This week on Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News' Becky Worley shows us first aid techniques for rescuing a drowned smartphone.


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    It did happen to me, twice! The first time, my phone was off when i dropped it into the water, but I started to charge it after blew it a few mins with a hair dryer... That's when I
    Then I learnt the most important thing when this happens is to turn off the phone immediately!

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    The 5th one worked for my friend. She covered her cell phone in a bowl of dry rice. The next day the phone was back in action.
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    Ha, it works to a certain extend. My BB went into the water and it works after the batt removal, etc. I also wrote this back then
    Water damaged tech gadget: How to save it | The “Skewed” perspective

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    Had a few friends who did the rice thing and said it worked! My solution: keep my phone away from the water.

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