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    August 4th, 2008
    Costumeman/Frank Bee Costume Center just ... disappeared
    Just FYI for anyone else with this program since I never saw anything saying they were going bye-bye. They seem to just have disappeared over the course of today.

    I went to check my invalid links this morning and had a few for them. No problem, went to fix them and ... nothing showed up in search for that product. Again, no problem, just make a link. Went to the links and ... there was no link out to the right side for HTML or Javascript. If I opened up the description box, the button was at the bottom and I could get the HTML.

    Thought something was just funky with the service. Everyone else seemed fine. But since then, they just disappeared off my list of advertisers all together. But ... didn't show up on my advertiser expired list. And now, there's nothing for them at all on CJ but no email in my box to say - "Sorry, we're outta here" or anything. Just lots and lots and lots of 404 pages.

    No biggie to me that they're gone. Just the no warning part that is annoying.


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    They're on Shareasale if you wish to replace same-for-same on dead links.

    They've been flaky for a long time though. In addition to absurdly high reversal rate, their EPC isn't too healthy. is probably your best alternative. And they don't reverse sales, even on cancelled/returned orders.
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    I do recall seeing them on the CJ Deactivation list a while back, but I cannot say if it was permanent or temporary.

    And, I second the vote for - a significantly better run program. I used Bee one Halloween season 4 or 5 years ago and the returns were voluminous. Lesson learned - went right back to Buycostumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh View Post is probably your best alternative. And they don't reverse sales, even on cancelled/returned orders.
    However they do work with Groupon and reverse affiliate sales where a Groupon is used!!!!
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