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    January 18th, 2005
    This is interesting and amusing to me. I just don't make phone calls. Lots of emails, but no phone calls. I know, I know some of you live on your phones but I don't and that is a different discussion. But as it turned out last month I made 2 calls for a total of $0.18 in charges. Here is what those two calls cost me:

    1) Monthly Charge for Dial Tone $8.61
    2) Local Calls (this is the 18 cents) $0.18
    3) Touch-tone (Wow something free) $0.00
    Now we are moving into Surcharges and Taxes on 18 cents worth of calls.
    4) FCC Line Charge $6.38
    5) Local Number Portability $0.21
    6) Federal Tax $0.51
    7) NY State/Local Sales Tax $1.46
    8) 911 Surcharge $1.00
    9) Federal USF Surcharge $0.59
    10) Surchare(s) (this is my favorite, I suppose these are the surcvharges on the surcharges

    So for $0.18 worth of calls it cost me $19.86

    Anyway, I found it amusing.


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    That's nothing. I don't use my phone at all and they charge me almost $50 PLUS, I keep getting phone calls for the previous owner of the number.

    Hmmm... Why do I have a phone again?
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    Switch to Vonage
    I get Unlimited local and long distance for 24.99 a month comes to 27 after tax.

    Just need a broadband connection and if you know a Vonage customer you can get 2 months free if you are reffered to vonage by them.

    They also have a 15 dollar plan.

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