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    can u prove u are the real “you” when CJ asked for it ?
    CJ: Commission Junction is currently investigating your account and has the following inquiries regarding your promotional methods:
    Please describe how you promote
    Please respond by replying to this specific e-mail within 5 days of the mailing date.
    I: We buy cpc traffic from **** and drive them to our landingpage just like:
    CJ: Who would "we" be in this case? Did you design, or did someone else supply you
    with that site?
    I: Yea, Designed by my friend COREY who is a good guys, is this against CJ rule?
    CJ: Would Corey be the person who designed GG2245.COM and EE1165.COM as well?
    I: Wow, u know ee1165? Yea, it's the sister site designed by Corey too. But how do u know it? It would be mine if a lower price, so i had to let him keep it, Know nothing about GG2245
    CJ: There is a pattern to the domain names. There could well be more that I just haven't come across yet.

    A few days later I was told thatmy account will be close in 15days

    I: Hi,Is there any mistake? would i know the reason why i recieved this email?
    CJ: Your traffic is turning up proxied. How and where are you promoting In another network?
    I: Your mean's all of the traffic i have generated was fraud? Are u sure? I have stoped the traffic already. But how could that happen! I buy cpc traffic from clicksor and send them to my website and the convertion was well in cj panel. I can't believe it! I need more information to contact my clicksor account manager. Your mean's the clicks is turning up proxied or the leads or both? Can you contact the advertiser to check the lead quality? Sor, i spent money on it and don't want my money loss so i hate fraud! i'm very value my publisher account, i hope you can chargeback the fraud related lead and keep my publisher account live.

    CJ:The commissioned actions are proxied. We wouldn't expect that from ***** traffic.
    We are waiting to hear back about a quality of the leads.
    I: OK, i hope i can keep to run my account if the leads quality is good, and i will stop the traffic from **** and change to other, ok?

    CJ: I'm waiting to hear back from the advertiser.
    I: i have contacted brian who is from the advertiser. He told me they never recieve your lead quality request, so i froward all of our email to Brian. Did he contac you?
    CJ:I am in touch with the account rep and am waiting to hear back. Did you speak to Brian directly, or just by email?
    I: email
    CJ: The advertiser confirmed that it was email.
    Is **** your actual name?
    I: yea, it's my actual name
    CJ:And the others in this group of related accounts are also using their actual names?
    I: who is in your mean's "others" ? your mean's the sister website owner? i don't know it even deal with it
    CJ: Same kinds of sites, domain names same type, same kind of traffic, all signed up with publisher accounts on the same day.
    Do you manage your traffic, or does someone else take care of that in all or in part for you?
    Do you know someone named ******?
    I: Sor, I just buy a website from one of my friend and used his traffic target method, He sell website and ebook and say almost all of the largest insuance advertiser. i do all the work by myself. Sor i don't care how many people him sell to and i don't care how the buyer work with it's website. May be there are some people signed up and don't send traffic or even not try cj. "*****" is the domain contact name when transfer to me. Sor, it waste so many times, if this prohibit by cj , i will give up and move to other network.
    CJ: There are various issues in this group of accounts and one of them is that it is not clear at all that you are actually named Wayne Martin. If not, then using the tax data for the real Wayne Martin is a very big problem.
    I: How and what should i do to prove I'm is the real? Tell me what should i do
    CJ: If we contact you at the address listed in the account and/or the phone number listed in the account, would we be contacting you?

    Address: ****
    City: *****
    State: *****
    ZIP: *****
    Country: UNITED STATES
    Phone: *********
    I:you can call this phone number : *****. and May I have your phone number? I have singuped some cpa network, they ask my me to upload my scan ID usually
    CJ: Why is it a different number?
    I'm not sure what you mean with this part. Do you mean a scan of your SSN card or something else?"I have singuped some cpa network, they ask my me to upload my scan ID usually"
    I: i'm not expect this method could generat so much money when i signup CJ, so i just used a random info. Yea, thsy ask a scan of my ssn or DL card usually
    CJ: Those are easy to do as a Photoshop fake.
    I: verything could be fake in your logic, Sor , you made me speechless, i use fake or somebody's tax data just because i wanta evade tax? how much is it ? and how i know it ? i'm not a thief ! i just a publisher and i just buy a website, but now, i'm a thief in your logic and so many troubles. can't keep my account and can't get my money. it's so awkward that i'm in a dilemma
    CJ: All three of you respond in the same way.
    I: hmmm. That's a big leak if i have your mean's "all three"account, i should signup at separate time, different counry, run different offer, send different type of traffic, at least not proxied, Right? that's so easy, But You can say whatever you like, Just tell me what should i do now

    I haven’t reciev his call yet now, So i cantact CJ’s CA office number and told email is the only way to solve the traffic check inquire, so I had to wait his slowly reply. May be CJ wanta give the end result in a few years or hunder yeas, And i can't prove i'm real even upload my ID card in his mind, What a **** logic! ID could be fake, Address could be fake, phone could be fake and so I’m fake! i just wanta know is anyone who his the same problem? so should i sue CJ? But i have invest almost $2000 to buy traffic and website, the commission is less than $2000. I'm in a dilemma.

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    I don't know the specifics of your situation, and cannot comment on it.

    But I'm surprised (in a good way) to see such back-and-forth communication with CJ on this... having read so many reports about CJ unilaterally closing accounts without notice.

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