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    Promoting an entire company
    I signed up for both the GAN and CJ and both programs give me links to specific products. I would prefer to promote the entire company and not just a product - e.g the gap instead of a pair of socks from the gap. Is this possible with GAN or CJ?

    Sorry not sure where a question forum is so figured I would just post in one of the program forums.

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    You can access merchant's datafeeds at cj by going to - account - services - create product export.

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    Moved to correct forum.

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    Most merchants provide a link to their index page.

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    I think CK2 is looking for the other way around... all merchants have general links available to their homepage, or specific sections (not products).

    In CJ: Get Links - By Relationship - View Links (under My Advertisers)

    Affiliate sites can definitely be more general.. you can promote a store without using specific product links.
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    Most merchants have generic links that will take a visitor to their home page and you can certainly write copy promoting the merchant themselves, however, most shoppers don't buy companies. They buy socks and pants and videos and games and rings and sheets and strollers and speakers and picture frames and refrigerators and dog collars and coffee makers and books and printers and ... you get the idea.

    The more specific and targeted your site the better chance of you making a sell. If I want to go to The Gap, why would I stop at your site first? It would be easier to go directly to The Gap. Typically the closer a shopper is to buying, the more specific their search.

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