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    Adwords Rep?
    How do I get in touch with an adwords rep? or is this even possible?

    I've tried adwords over the years and every time I end up getting frustrated and stop. Either a campaign gets suspended or i can't find a keyword for less than a couple bucks a click (even when I use mico niche phrases). Does adwords have reps that would help me through the process even thought I am not a big spending? At most a couple hundred dollars a day.

    Obviously I can't be doing something right? There has to be some words or phrases I can target for a reasonable price. I know it has a little learning curve, and I am not stupid (even though saying this makes me feel dumb). I guess I just don't have the patience to keep trying over and over and I hear about other people paying .05 - .10 cents a click but it seems like no matter what I try I get prices $1 or more per click.
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    Goog is not much into customer service. They offer their forums for help. In general the way to lower your cost per click is to have highly relevant landing pages for your ads, choose the right words and optimize your landing page for the keywords you are targeting.

    If you have chosen a highly competitive keyword or phrase to bid on, your landing page needs to be better than your competition to get a better cost per click.

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    I think they have phone support now. It used to only be for big spenders, but I think they've opened it up.

    Ahhh, yep. Read about it here.

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    Poor Customer Service
    Google is well known for their poor customer service when it comes to adwords. The best thing you can do is focus on the quality score of your keywords, ad copy and landing page. There is a lot of information on this and how to improve it in the guides. They give you all this information in hopes that you will figure it out yourself and never need to talk to an actual person.

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    Step 1 - start spending lots of money with them
    Step 2 - continue spending lots of money with them for months
    Step 3 - hope they call you

    In all seriousness, it is possible and they do have reps who try to help and often are helpful, but getting one isn't easy to do and there isn't a formula to it.

    Good luck.

    P.S. we spent $100s of $1000s of dollars with them through the years and we were first sent a tiny little Google refrigerator as a "Thank You" about 1 year ago. Sort of an insult to get that after how much we spent.

    But we do have a rep now

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