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    New About Affiliate System
    Hi all,

    I need some thoughts and ideas here..

    I would like to ask How I can create a "affiliate Banner tracking - in PHP"

    What I would like to do is; I have a website say www. ABC. com and I would like to place a banner (Client's banner) on my website to promote their events, concert ticket etc.

    So if any user click on that banner it will redirect them to the Client's website and if the user register and purchase e.g. the ticket through my website www.ABC. com I will get e.g $1 commission.

    Basically I also need to track at least how many people go to the Client's website through my banner, plus How we can create a form page to count an actual ticket sale?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    siabanie, there are many third party affiliate tracking scripts available. Generally the merchant has to start this process. If you want to contact them I would make sure you have a relationship first. If I were contacted by an unknown who wanted to track their sales to me I would be suspicious.

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    Any merchant worth his (her) salt will have banners available for your use and will be actively urging you to use them. It is a simple matter to link these banners to wherever you wish the visitor to go.

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    Get a good tracking software
    Find a company who has good affiliate tracking software, I could recommend a couple to you has offers is great. But get a software that gives you full transparency to insure accurate data.

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    I believe these clicks can be tracked from your site via "Exit" links, which Google Analytics can monitor.

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