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    Links direct to merchant question?
    I have been avidly following posts here and picking up links to individuals web sites.
    Its rude not to check out your competitors - curiosity and all that!
    In many of the sites, i have seen and now follow, i have seen most if not all links, go direct to the merchant.
    Is this an acceptable practice?
    How does google see this?
    And finally how does the visitor see this or do we care as long as the cookie is dropped?

    Without naming names - a senior member had given a 7 (i think) point plan to building a wordpress blog to capitalize on specific products - in the thread he dropped a couple of URLs to demo/working sites, and the links within, apart from the 1/2 maybe dozen site pages, linked direct to the merchant. He also demonstrated a direct feed driven site was it golden can? That linked direct into the merchant.
    I have seen data feed sites here do exactly the same direct to the merchant.
    What are the pros and cons please.

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    Many links that appear to go straight to the merchant are converted 'onclick' to a different URL than visible on the site's source. There are a number of network tools and WP plugins to accomplish that as well as plain old cloaking.

    There are merchant programs (In House) that use tracking technology that does not use "ugly URLs" and appear to be direct to merchant links.

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    Have seen some affiliates direct linking in footers which can help the merchant with SEO. If the affiliate isn't using an affiliate link then they are not going to get compensated. I see a lot of sites that are pointing to the merchant with direct links which I recruit to the program. Bloggers are terrible affiliates because they don't understand the technology.

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    Thank you

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